Relationship condition will likely be an effective proxy getting exposure to sexual activity, and will in addition to determine individuals’ and couples’ childbirth requirements

Relationship condition will likely be an effective proxy getting exposure to sexual activity, and will in addition to determine individuals’ and couples’ childbirth requirements


Within the 2014, the most significant proportion of abortion people was indeed within their twenties (60%), accompanied by those who work in their 30s (25%-Desk step one). Adolescents-those more youthful than 20-taken into account twelve% regarding abortion clients, and you will fewer than cuatro% was basically younger than 18.

The brand new proportion from abortions taken into account from the adolescents -from the thirty-two%. Specifically, the proportion who is the hottest scottish girl accounted for by fifteen–17-year-olds ong 18–19-year-olds dropped by twenty-five%. The new 2014 abortion list away from 0.cuatro to your previous category demonstrates that these people were drastically underrepresented among abortion people prior to its sign in the large people of females.

Having said that, ladies old 20–twenty four was basically overrepresented by the a very important factor from nearly several, obtaining highest cousin abortion speed of the years-teams checked (1.9). Abortion indicator refused with growing many years after that. Each other younger and you may earlier teens got some lower abortion indicator in the 2014 compared to 2008; there is certainly absolutely nothing improvement in the newest indicator for ladies aged 20 otherwise earlier.

Dating Position

This new shipment out of abortion customers and abortion indicator varied by the dating condition. Regarding the fourteen% of abortion customers was indeed hitched, and an extra 31% was basically cohabiting. A small most just weren’t coping with a partner on month they truly became pregnant (46% got never hitched and you will nine% got in earlier times partnered).

The newest 2014 abortion index out of 0.4 having partnered people suggests that they certainly were drastically underrepresented certainly one of abortion customers in accordance with every woman of reproductive age. Cohabiting girls was indeed overrepresented by one thing away from 2.step 1, meaning that they had a keen abortion rates twice the new federal average. The fresh new abortion index to own never ever-married, noncohabiting customers was somewhat higher than mediocre (1.2). The latest abortion indicator for some matchmaking statuses remained undamaged off 2008, except for that getting cohabiting female, hence refused off 2.six in order to 2.step one.

Battle and Ethnicity

Disparities for the reproductive wellness outcomes of the competition and you may ethnicity are very well documented, 18–20 and might end up being an essential sign of systemic barriers so you’re able to preventive features. Zero racial otherwise cultural class made many abortion patients within the 2014. Complete, 39% were light, 28% black, 25% Latina, 6% Asian otherwise Pacific Islander, and you can step 3% out of other history. The latest racial and ethnic composition away from clients was very similar from inside the 2008.

Light ladies had been quite underrepresented among abortion clients in the 2014, that have a keen abortion directory out of 0.eight, when you’re black colored women had been significantly overrepresented, which have a member of family abortion speed of just one.9. Hispanic females was in fact slightly overrepresented one of abortion clients during the 2014 (1.2).* The brand new abortion directory getting Hispanics , and there try nothing improvement in the fresh indices having blacks and you may whites.


Brand new overwhelming most of abortion people during the 2014 were born within the the us (84%), once the leftover 16% was created in other places; these types of proportions got remained secure since 2008. Ones people created outside the You, approximately half were Latina, 20% Asian, 16% black and several% white (perhaps not shown).

The fresh cousin abortion cost for these a couple organizations were proportional so you’re able to all round populace of women out-of reproductive age regarding the United Says and you can was comparable in both decades.

Academic Attainment

Educational desires are often cited as the a description so you’re able to decrease childbearing, as many individuals need to done its education and better status themselves financially before which have people. 21 Into the 2014, particular 9% away from abortion clients aged 20 otherwise more mature had less than a great high-school knowledge, together with overwhelming most-91%-had graduated away from senior high school; multiple when you look at the four had a college education. The new proportion regarding patients aged 20 otherwise earlier who had not graduated from senior high school refused rather along side half a dozen-season months (of twelve% to nine%).